Treatment of painful conditions related to musculoskeletal and neurological disorders

Editor: | 10. December 2018

Treatment of painful conditions related to musculoskeletal and neurological disorders using analgesic effects of non-invasive therapy by peripheral magnetic stimulation was clinically tested again at a group of 40 patients in Charles University in Prague (2016).

Both acute and chronic conditions limiting patients’ mobility in regard to the extent and unbearability of pain played the main role here. Patients suffering from acute pain undertook magnetic therapy on daily basis, while at chronic conditions, therapy was applied three times a week. The decisive factor for the research team was the level of pain relief, i.e. relief from related problems during exercising of daily-life activities.

Comparison of patient’s condition before and after pulsed magnetic field therapy again brought statistically significant difference. Majority of participants (87 %) confirmed analgesic effects of magnetic stimulation resulting in significant pain relief. More than 41 % of patients praised improvement of overall vitality and easier exercising of daily-life activities, even at an medical examination after three months.

Thus results of this study yet again confirmed benefits and efficiency of pulsed magnetic therapy in treatment of painful conditions, whether related to musculoskeletal or neurological disorders, including those limiting daily-life activities. Using effects of pulsed magnetic fields, permanent pain relief and overall improvement of the life quality of patients can be reached.

References: Zarkovic, D. and Kazalakova, K. (2016)

Repetitive Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation as Pain Management Solution in Musculoskeletal and Neurological Disorders – A Pilot Study. International Journal of Physiotherapy, 3(6).

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