Arthrosis of the spine

Do you feel pain in your back while moving or resting? One of the possible causes may be arthrosis of the spine. Arthrosis limits mobility, the spine is stiff and one has trouble moving in the morning or after a period of inactivity.

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Characteristics of Arthrosis of the Spine and its Causes

Arthroses are one of the most commong diseases of the movement apparatus. Arthrosis of the spine is a serious form of this disease and can lead to paralysis.

There are degenerative changes to the vertebrae and intervertebral discs, possibly with compression to the radicular nerves.

Among arthrotic disease of the spine are:

  • spondyloarthrosis – a degenerative disease of intervertebral joints,
  • spondylsis – a degenerative disease of the vertebral body.

Spondyloarthrosis  is accompanied by growth of osteophytes on intervertebral joints. There is limited mobility of the spine due to these changes and compression to the spinal root.  This compression results in radicular pain.

Spondylosis leads to degenerative changes in vertebral bodies and to growth of osteophytes. These osteophytes can grow to a size where two vertebrae can be fused together, so that that segment of the spine is immoblised. Radicular pain tends to shoot along the nerve.

The pain is severe, and at the beginning, it manifests after exertion. In later stages of the disease, the pain manifests even while resting.

Cause of arthrosis of the spine is not proven.

Factors contributing to progress of the disease:

  • excess strain on the spine caused by sport activity or particular jobs,
  • injuries causing damage to the vertebrae,
  • some metabolic disorders,
  • chronic alcoholism (ethylism),
  • smoking.

Arthrosis of the Spine Treatment – Rid yourself of the Pain

Conservative treatment through rehabilitation and physical therapy should be commenced first.

Relief from acute pain is brought by analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs (paracetamol, ibuprofen). It is not advisable to use these long-term.

Food supplements like glukosamin, chondroitin sulphate or hyaluronic acid are recommended.

Surgical intervention is often needed in advanced stages of the disease.

The ideal precautionary measure of arthrosis is weight reduction along with regular and appropriate physical activity. Sufficient physical activity strengthens muscles and stabilises joints.

  • Ethylism – chronic alcoholism.
  • Spondyloarthrosis – a degenerative disease of intervertebral joints.
  • Spondylsis – a degenerative disease of vertebral bodies.
  • Osteophyte – a bony protrusion.
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