Pulsed magnetic therapy set-ups

Pulsed magnetic therapy set-ups have various purposes and usage. Biomag’s range of products offers set-ups for both large clinics and private rehabilitations. Universal set-ups for home care are a customer favourite as well, along with sports medicine set-ups.

Deep application to larger parts of your body in a professional manner. Large SL60-P solenoid for deep application to the trunk area and surface three-part A12PM applicator for the leg and back areas. The equally-popular AL21 applicator will generate an intensive magnetic field in local applications of the pulsed magnetic field. The set is delivered in a protective firm bag L11.

Get patented 3D technology, versatility, comfort and deep applications. Due to the 3D A11P applicator and FIX COMBI-e accessories you can also apply therapy to large parts of your body with maximum comfort. The openings in this applicator enable deep application to your shoulders and other joints. The switch on the A6P2 applicator changes the magnetic field intensity, which works locally (SPOT) or on a wider area (WIDE). Thanks to the protective bag EB3 you can take the device everywhere you go.

Compact and cost-saving. All-purpose and surprisingly efficient. This set provides you with the versatile and highly demanded A17P applicator with 3D technology, so you can apply the pulsed magnetic field to both smaller joint and shoulder areas or to the back area. The A15P applicator will then provide intensive application in case of local difficulties. Thanks to the compact EB1 bag, you can take the set wherever you go.

Get both surface and local intensive applications from one set. Due to its dimensions, the A12PL cushion applicator is ideal for full-body applications. The switch on the A6P2 applicator changes the magnetic field intensity, which works locally (SPOT) or on a wider area (WIDE). The customised EB5 bag will provide protection even when frequently carried.

For everyone and surprisingly useful. You will be impressed by this set. The A8P applicator is not only a practical surface applicator for use on the back or joints, but it also works as a solenoid for deep applications. In combination with the local A6P2 applicator, this set is unexpectedly universal and will win you over, like many other satisfied customers before you. The SBK design case will provide easy storage and transport to always have the set to hand.