Treatment of impotence

Editor: | 10. December 2018

Treatment of impotence was dealt with in a placebo-controlled study (Karpukhin & Bogomol’, 1996), by a combination of vacuum therapy and pulsed magnetic field with a frequency of 6 Hz and intensity of 30 mT. The results of this combined treatment were more than surprising.

Vacuum treatment meant for patients placing penis into a hermetically closed cylinder with a negative pressure of 180-260 mm Hg (24-34 kPa) fifteen times for 10-12 minutes. Pulsed therapy represented accompanying treatment in this case and patients thus underwent 15 applications, 10-12 minutes each.

The results revealed that the combined therapy restored sexual function in 71% of patients and improved it to a significant degree in 17% while having no effect on only 12% of the patients. In contrast, sexual function in the control group, which received only vacuum therapy, was restored only in 51% of the patients and improved in 25%. Remaining 24% of the patients did not experience any change.

This study therefore confirmed that pulsed magnetic therapy has a great effect on blood circulation in men suffering with sexual problems and that it contributes significantly in treatment of impotence.

Reference: Karpukhin, I. V. & Bogomol’, V. A. (1996) The local vacuum magnetotherapy of patients with impotence, Vopr Kurortol Lech Fiz Kult (2), s. 38–40.

The local vacuum magnetotherapy of patients with impotence

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