Do you suffer from health problems and want to affect them in a positive manner? Are you a professional sportsperson and want to improve your shape and speed up regeneration after training? We have a solution for you.

Biomag has developed a new magnetic therapy device – the Biomag Lumina, which penetrates deep into human tissue thanks to the proprietary 3D magnetic field principle. It will specifically relieve pain and support faster regeneration.

Caring for your health

A reputable device now available even for home care. 32 programs from the most renowned physicians.
Patented 3D magnetic fieldcures from several directions, which improves efficacy better than ever before. Using the AL16-LUM applicator, you can apply pulsed magnetic therapy and polarised light at the same time.
Easy control thanks to the single-button control option. The device allows two people to be treated simultaneously (2 different programs).
Biomag magnetic therapy and polarised light treatment in home care

Biomag Lumina magnetic therapy devices are for everyone

Everyone deserves better health.
It is now available to all of us.

Biomag magnetic therapy devices rank among the most popular in health care. They are used in large hospitals, rehabilitation centres, spas, old peoples’ homes and sports clubs. All these users utilise them for faster regeneration, treating and curing problems and for improving sporting performance.

The new Biomag Lumina magnetic therapy device provides you with the best technologies and proven treatment procedures in home care. Everyone deserves better health. Therefore, Biomag has developed an affordable device with leading features that everyone can use.

Fotogallery - devices for home care

Convenient application of 3D magnetic therapy thanks to advanced applicators.

Application of Biomag 3D magnetic therapy and polarised light

Biomag Lumina Easy magnetic therapy
Device featuring top quality parameters:

  • patented 3D rotary magnetic pulses
  • application instructions directly on the colour display
  • 4 outputs for applicators
  • possibility to operate 2 programs at the same time
  • frequency of generated pulses 1 – 81 Hz
  • automated selection of favourite programs
  • possibility to create and name user programs
  • pulse shapes: pike, triangular, rounded, rectangular
  • application times can be set from 5 to 120 minutes
  • audio alarm at the end of application
  • supply voltage 100 – 240 V 50/60 Hz + option to connect cables compatible with the region of use
  • battery operation – if all four outputs are used: approx. 2 hours and 40 minutes
  • device menu and application instructions in 13 world languages: English, German, Czech, Slovak, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Vietnamese
Biomag Lumina magnetic therapy device - details of 3D applicator connections

Application of magnetic therapy and polarised light on blood vessels

Local application
of magnetic therapy and light on the vascular system.

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Biomag magnetic therapy
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