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Do you feel very tired, have a fever and sore throat? Despite being the usual symptoms of diseases like the flu or tonsillitis, they are also symptoms of mononucleosis. It is often diagnosed only after antibiotics do not take effect and the patient undergoes blood tests.

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Are you looking for a solution for mononucleosis?

Would you like to rid yourself of the issue?

Characteristics of Mononucleosis and its Causes

Infectious mononucleosis is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus and leads to fatigue, fever, sore throat affected tonsils and results in swollen lymph nodes. It is often confused with tonsillitis. Diagnosis is based on serologic testing.

The disease is spread through saliva, which is why general public calls it the kissing disease.

Other than kissing, sharing a bottle, food or cigarettes between people are risk factors. Contagion through droplets while breathing or coughing is less common.

The virus affects parenchymatous organs (liver) and, similar to hepatitis B and C, there are precautions.

The most affected groups are children and adolescents.

In older people, there is an increased risk of complications:

  • fatigue syndrome,
  • liver damage,
  • neurological issues.

Mononucleosis Treatment – Rid yourself of the Issue

Treatment is symptomatic. Anti-pyretics are used to bring the fever down.

The recommendations are rest and a diet that puts less strain on the liver. A liver disease diet has to be followed for 3-6 months, depending on liver function tests results.

Patients suffer from weakened immunity. They need enough energy so that their organism can effectively protect and heal itself.

Diet should be rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Fluid intake must be adhered to.

If the patient does not keep to the recommended measures, they face the risk of a reoccurrence with more severe development.

3D pulsed therapy helps solve issues stemming from mononucleosis. Application in the recuperation period leads to decreased risk of complications and promotes regeneration of liver tissues.

Explanation of chosen terms:

  • Serologic test – test of serum for the presence of antibodies.
  • Parenchymatous organs – organs made of parenchyma (functional epithelial tissue) like liver, lungs or kidneys.

Patented 3D Biomag pulsed therapy. How does it work?

The basic principle of 3D Biomag magnetotherapy is generating electromagnetic pulses. The generated pulses penetrate through layers of clothing and even body tissues to the place of application. These pulses have specially developed biotropic parameters (e.g. frequency, profile, intensity), thanks to which the pulsed magnetotherapy affects various health conditions.

The term pulse magnetotherapy is most commonly used for physiotherapy using the principle of electromagnetic pulses. The abbreviation PEMF is used in order to be concise.

Patented 3D Biomag technology ensures more precise and uninterrupted pulse profiles, enhances output, and allows pulses to come from various angles. This makes it a completely new and unique medical technology on the market.

What are the benefits of therapy of mononucleosis?

  • Decreases the risk of complications in the recuperation period.
  • Has regenerative and detoxifying effect.
  • Thanks to being easy to use, it can be applied at home.
  • It’s a solution with no additional medicaments.
  • It’s a non-invasive treatment.

3D Biomag therapy and its effects – as explained by MUDr. Peter Bednarčík, CSc.

The effects of pulsed therapy - clinical studies

The clinically-most-significant effects of 3D Biomag pulsed therapy in patients with mononucleosis is mainly in the detoxifying and regenerative effects.

Positive effects of pulse magnetic field (PEMF) are evidenced by clinical studies by authorities on the subject and renowned institutions. The newest list of these clinical studies can be found on this page. Contact us and we will gladly help to familiarize yourself with this expert data.

Our department uses pulse magnetic field application very well. We appreciate that not only is there an option to used numbered programmes, but also to set up our own programmes. The device is small and easy to operate with good output.

University hospital Na Bulovce, Prague – Physiotherapy department

We have been utilising pulse magnetic field treatment in our spa for more than 10 years. We use Biomag devices for both physiotherapy and spa treatment. It is very advantageous to combine magnetotherapy with other physiotherapy methods because the effect of magnetotherapy potentiates with other methods (analgesic, anti-oedematous, recovery and myorelaxing).

Bělohrad Peat Spa – Lázně Bělohrad

We are happy with the device. The applicators are also easy to operate, and treatment results are satisfying. Feedback from patients is positive. Average number of applications is 50 per week.

Masaryk hospital, Jilemnice

We use the Biomag device for back pain, joints, for difficulties with pancreas, livers and blood circulation. The device uses the entire family with very good results.

Alena Fišerová, Čepřovice

I used to take loads of painkillers for high pressure and liver inflammation. When I bought the Biomag device the right relief came. I don't suffer from such a pain I used to. I stop taking drugs even for the liver inflammation.

František Maňák, Karviná

Addendum: The results of the therapy may be individual and may not always correspond to the experience disclosed herein.

Doctors and our other clients use Biomag pulse therapy for these conditions and issues:

  • Diabetes
  • Spinal pain
  • Varicose ulcers
  • High blood pressure
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Arthrosis
  • Other issues

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