Improvement of sexual functions

Editor: | 10. December 2018

Improvement of sexual functions in 105 men suffering with sexual disorders was attempted by a Russian medical team of I. I. Gorpinchenk (1995) using pulsed magnetic therapy.

This double-blind, placebo-controlled study examined the effects of weak pulsed magnetic fields on men who were suffering from various sexual disorders, including reduced erection and premature ejaculation. Three different magnetic stimulators were used – Biopotenzor, Eros, Bioskan-1.

All patients were wearing one of three devices for 3 weeks. The results showed a complete recovery of sexual function in 38% of patients using Biopotenzorem, 31% in the group with Eros device and 36% in the group with Bioskan-1. In the placebo group on the other hand, sexual function was restored only in 15% of patients.

At the same time a significant improvement in sexual function was observed in 42% of patients in the group with Biopotenzorem, in 39% of the group with Eros device and in 47% of the group with Bioskan-1. Only 18% of patients in the placebo group showed comparable improvements.

The results of the study therefore suggest that with pulsed magnetic therapy a chance of restoring sexual function is three times higher, while at the same time significant improvements are achievable in almost every second patient suffering with sexual disorder.

Reference: Gorpinchenko, I. I. (1995). Использование магнитных устройств в лечении сексуальных расстройств у мужчин, Lik Sprava (3-4), s. 95–97.

The use of magnetic devices in treating sexual disorders in men / Использование магнитных устройств в лечении сексуальных расстройств у мужчин

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