Effects of LPMF on the treatment of patients with leg ulcers

Editor: | 10. December 2018

Alekseenko A. V., Gusak V. V., Tarabanchuk V. V., Iftodii A. G., Sherbana N. G., Stoliar V. F. Khirurgija, Moscow

Leg ulcers can be defined as chronic defects of the skin characterised by ligament decay and necrotisation. Various reasons lead to leg ulcers: venous, arterial or mixed [arterial (8 %), diabetic (3 %), post-traumatic (2 %), other (14 %), venous (73 %)]. According to statistical data, up to 1 % of the population suffer from leg ulcers. With increasing age, the  number of patients with leg ulcers grows; up to 3.5 % of the population above 65 suffer from this diagnosis. At the same time, women suffer from leg ulcers three times more often than men. 74 patients  who had been diagnosed with trophic ulcers of the lower limbs participated in this clinical trial. 2 control groups were created: an active group and a placebo group. Patients were treated 3 times a day, for 10-12 days. Various electromagnetic field frequencies were applied.

Conclusion: 10-12 days after the beginning of magnetic therapy, the wound surface was completely cleaned of necrotic ligament, surrounding inflammatory changes were eliminated and epithelization (healing) of wounds had begun. This effect appeared in 93 % of patients with leg ulcer Leg ulcer and magnetic therapy.

Effects of magnetic therapy on the treatment of patients with leg ulcers – queries

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