Relief from pain and release of muscle contractions before a manual massage session significantly improves the overall effects of a massage and makes even an intensive massage more tolerable for the patient’s body.

Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy accelerates the elimination of acidic metabolites (through improved perfusion and increased lactate dehydrogenase activity) which reduces pain and relieves painful muscle spasms (contractions). Magnetic therapy has also been demonstrated to significantly slow down nerve conduction, which also contributes to muscle relaxation.

The analgesic and muscle-relaxant effects of magnetic therapy are therefore used for the reduction of pain and relief of skeletal muscles, and to reduce muscle tonus as preparation for a subsequent massage. It is a good procedure for both pains in the back and extremities treated by massage techniques, and for athletes after demanding physical exercise.

Read the results of the following clinical studies that demonstrate the success rate of low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy in treatment of this condition.

Clinical studies by diagnosis:

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