Bechterew’s disease and other spondylitis

Editor: | 10. December 2018

Bechterew’s disease (ankylosing spondylitis) as well as other spondylitis and optimal parameters of pulsed magnetic therapy for their treatment were the objectives of an extensive study with 255 patients (Skoromets & Nikitina, 1999). The results were published in the scientific journal Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology.

In this study, 163 out of 255 patients underwent pulsed magnetic therapy. The remaining 92 patients were treated with conventional methods. X-ray of the spine, electromyography, thermography and lipid oxidation tests were used to assess the mechanisms of the therapeutic effects of pulsed magnetic therapy.

The results revealed paramagnetism in free radicals. Paramagnetism is a form of magnetism that is “activated” only in the presence of an external magnetic field. This thus demonstrates the effect of pulsed magnetic field on biological reactions involving free radicals, particularly free radical oxidation of lipid.

The study concluded that pulsed magnetic therapy is effective method for the treatment of patients with spondylogenic diseases of nervous system. It also identified 1 Hz as the optimum frequency.

The study results also confirmed that pulsed magnetic therapy is an effective method for treating patients with neurological consequences of degenerative dystrophic lesions of the spine, which confirms the shortened treatment time and faster therapeutic effect.

Reference: Skoromets, A. A. & Nikitina, V. V. (1999) Magnetic stimulation in the recuperative therapy of patients with spondylogenic diseases of the nervous system. Neuroscience And Behavioral Physiology. 29 (2), 211–215.

Magnetic stimulation in the recuperative therapy of Patients with Spondylogenic Diseases of the Nervous system

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