How to select and use the applicators

Editor: | 11. June 2019

There are three basic types of applicators: solenoids, flat, and local. These types have an effect that goes deep, on large areas, or locally. Very important types are those with COMBI applicators with 3D technology.

You should always select the type of applicator that best suits the particular therapeutic purposes from those available in the offer (see below). Place the selected applicator as close to the surface of the body as possible. Some applicators allow the applicator to be fixed to the part of the body with a flexible band. Most of the applicators can be fixed on the body with the FIX DUO aids. It is good to know that such a fixing element exists because if you position the applicator properly, you increase the efficiency of the application process (in the case of applicators-solenoids generating a spatial pulse magnetic field, it is sufficient if you just move the part of the body into the inner space of the solenoid). In order to make the best decision on which applicator should be applied, use the following criteria: the applicator should be positioned comfortably on the body, as close to the afflicted part as possible; you should consider whether you need to apply in-depth treatment (solenoid) or whether a flat applicator would serve the given purpose well.

The following part of the article deals with detailed information about frequencies and other parameters of the low-frequency magnetic field in relation to the therapeutic effects. It is intended for individual choices. The therapeutic effects are listed on pages 28 – 30. Alternatively, you may want to use the easier option, the preset parameters (pages 7 – 12).

For application itself, you first need to know the cause of the health problem. According to the problem and its cause, you then select the frequency to apply. In order to have a positive effect on many of the diagnoses and disorders listed, it is advisable to induce several effects (step by step or alternately).

For example, in case of extreme pain, first use the programmes providing the analgesic effect. Then, after the acute pain has subsided, continue with programmes that induce healing or other required resulting effects.

How to select and use the applicators – your questions

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