Harmful (strong) magnetic field

Editor: | 11. June 2019

A magnetic field that is too strong can not only be risky, but even damaging. It is uncommon to encounter such a strong magnetic field – however, there are situations and places which should be avoided.

Living organisms react to the Earth´s magnetic field continuously; however, such reactions are not very intense. If we disturb the natural state of an organism using a strong magnetic field, it is quite obvious that the organism will respond to the stimulus with a strong reaction as well. When magnetism was first being explored, people believed that a strong magnetic field would cause no serious harm to the human body. However, as was proven later, people who have worked for some time exposed to strong artificial magnetic fields in factories (working with welding devices or electromagnetic furnaces) often suffer from pathological changes in their bodies, for example, peeling skin, permanently red skin, irregular heart rhythm, loss of appetite, lassitude, headaches and intensive sweating etc. In recent years, due to the impact of industrialisation and electrification, the Earth´s surface magnetic field has increased. We call the phenomenon “electromagnetic smog”. The main cause is electric power plants and distribution network lines (high voltage lines), since the strongest magnetic field is found just near those lines. The magnetic field affects not only people and animals but also plants.
Some laboratories abroad have produced evidence of this, supported by experiments aimed at investigating the impact of magnetic fields upon living organisms (while very strong magnets are used – up to 50 Tesla). They declared that on interaction with a strong magnetic field (not present in natural conditions), the tissues of living organisms were modified, and these modifications were mostly negative.
Some research results have shown that living tissues are highly sensitive to very small changes in a magnetic field. As regards therapeutic low-frequency pulse magnetotherapy, the upper limits of the intensity of the magnetic field applied – with proven positive effects upon living organisms – are mostly in mT or tens of mT. Higher values may modify metabolic processes, thus endangering the tissues. Damage to tissue caused by high magnetic field intensity cannot be ruled out; however, the intensity of the magnetic field applied in medical centres during magnetic resonance procedures is some 2.5 to 5 T (i.e. 100 times higher than if pulse magnetotherapy is applied using Biomag® systems). Nevertheless, there is no evidence of any negative impact on patients derived from magnetic resonance either.

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