Characteristics of the LPMF and frequency range used with Biomag®

Editor: | 11. June 2019

Every electromagnetic field has either north or south polarity. Electromagnetic pulses are generated in various frequencies. These and other parameters decide whether the effect will be relaxing or stimulating.

Polarity of applicators

The pulses of one polarity generated by Biomag® devices allow the applicators to always work with the same polarity at a specific location (for the marking, see the page 22).

Low frequency – 1 to 10 Hz

Prevailing effects of an analgesic and myorelaxing nature.

Medium frequency – 10 to 15 Hz

Anti-inflammatory, suitable for chronic and degenerative diseases: vasodilatation; results in enhanced blood and lymph circulation, swelling suppression.

Higher frequency: up to 25 Hz

Prevailing stimulating effects that support bone healing, improve post-injury states and work well with acute disease; detoxification.

Frequency above 25 Hz (26 to 81 Hz)

Frequencies higher than 25 Hz (intended for special applications) are used if we need to increase the intensity of the effects, or with certain types of health problems such as burns, fractures healing with difficulties and pseudoarthrosis. A higher frequency is intended for more intensive support of the healing process, regeneration and detoxification. A specialist providing consultancy regarding pulse magnetotherapy should be consulted for application of programmes working with higher frequencies.

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Characteristics of the LPMF and frequency range used with Biomag® – your questions

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